Wednesday, May 9, 2007

And Then There Were Three...

GP and GYNO, and GI...Oh MY!
New GI doc is pretty cool. VERY thorough, that's for sure, and has a GREAT bedside manner. After getting all the med history he needed and asking me a zillion questions about what's been going on the last few weeks and getting a feel for my lifestyle, he pokes, prods, tickles (not intentinally~I'm VERY ticklish) and asks more questions. He said it doesn't feel like my liver is enlarged, and my spleen feels like it's okay, but he still wants to get an ultrasound and a bunch of bloodwork to rule out Hep or Mono. He said he doesn't see any real symptoms, but hey, I know he's just being careful. I'm pretty much forbidden to take any pain meds (ugh) from here on out and SERIOUSLY have to curtail drinking any alcohol. I can pretty much kiss any real sleep goodbye until these enzymes are under control. He did pretty much concur with my theory that the combination of all the antibiotics PLUS all the Tylenol I've been taking (um...and drinking combined with taking Tylenol ~ BAD IDEA) probably were all factors as far as why the enzymes were in the 200-300 range. OH YES, people, NORMAL enzymes are within the 40-60 range. He DID give me encouragement by saying that my liver is NOT failing, it's just a little "distressed."
Say it with me now...DAYAM!!! Who THINKS about shit like that? Just a wake up call to slow down and start taking better care of my body. I sure ain't the 20-year-old my mind THINKS I am.

Whew. Now I just gotta get the test results back, then do another enzyme test in 2 weeks. THEN they might think about scheduling my surgery again. For now pain is just something I'll have to deal with. Hey. Adapt and overcome, right?

And now for some really cool pictures from Monday, waiting for court to open...b/f lives close to there, so we went over there for coffee and a little R&R before the real stress began...
Cacti are in full bloom this time of year. These are prickly pear cactus. I wish I could have gotten some good shots of the Saguaro flowers, but they were up too high. I'm only 5'1, for crying out loud! I got a shot of the lower buds, though:Okay, not the greatest, but those suckers open up into the biggest, most beautiful white flowers. Mostly they bloom at night. Now that I think of it, this isn't a saguaro, but it really DID have some pretty HUGE white flowers up high. B/F said he'd take pics for me.

Shots off the back porch. This place is GORGEOUS during early morning hours.

NO idea what this grass is called, but I've always thought it was cool looking. This could possibly be my next haircut...LOL

And THESE kids....swam right up to the shore...

Quacking their fool heads off...male & female mallards...

Acting like they OWNED the place. Check out that male on the right...I SWEAR he looks like he's smiling like Daffy Duck in this picture. They hung out on the sidewalk for a few minutes, figured they weren't getting any bread or treats, then just took off and swam back across the lake. It was REALLY cool. GOOD TIMES!

BIG sigh. The fun ain't over yet, but it's getting there.
Happy HNT, kids!
Treble Moony 4


captain corky said...

What did the doctor say about smoking pot? Of course I'm only kidding. ;) We're going to get through this K! Hang in there.

Lady K said...

cork ~ LOL Oops, I forgot to ask him! I did ask him about cigarettes, and he said it doesn't affect your liver. Doesn't mean I don't want to quit, tho.

Callie said...

Hmmmm . . . makes me think I should probably re-think my pain meds and alcohol.

Which one do I give up . . . ???

Glad he thinks the prognosis is good. Hang in there chickie!

Jerrster said...

that grass looked a lot like my hair before it was just cut...that grass or a pissed off badger...or a combo of both actually.