Thursday, May 17, 2007

Celebrate Good Times...

Come ON!!!

Dance a little!!! Okay...a LOT!

Raise The Roof 1 Spaz

I finally heard back from the doc's office. Results from the ultrasound were "un-remarkable." I said, "That's GOOD, right?" She says, "OH YES, that's VERY good. Everything we looked at on the ultrasound looked okay, nothing to 'remark' about."

Scared? Bet your ever-loving ASS I was...

Jumpin' up an' down for my ever-god-please-oh-please-i'm-too-fucking-young-life???


GO LADY! IT'S Y'BIRFDAY!!! (it's not really my birthday, I just like saying that)

Raise the ROOF!!! YES!!! Happy dance, happy dance, HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!

I imagine my innards would look something like these:


Liver and kidney.I'm hoping what I pulled off the 'net are HEALTHY pictures.

DAMMIT Jim, I'm an Accountant, NOT a radiologist!!!

I just feel like I can BREATHE right now. I have another week, then I get my liver enzymes checked. Bitches better NOT make my arm look like a hooker after a heroin binge like last time.
I digress...
After that, I need to get clearance from all THREE docs to get my surgery. Still drinking a TON of water, and we'll see what the blood tests say. After that, I just might be able to get the junk ripped out.
(I know that sounds crude, but at this point, come ON, I've been doing this since last OCTOBER, people!)
Keep your fingers crossed, and the prayers coming. Moms & pops are still saying they're putting me in a bubble once we get the "all clear" for surgery. LMAO. They slay me.
Treble Happy, happy, joy, joy-joy!!!


Callie said...

Great news!

Lady K said...

callie ~ AWESOME news! I don't have to get poked in my belly by a very long needle!!!

Big Pissy said...


I'm dancin' over here in Hell!

Great news! :)

honkeie2 said...

My first time here, hope all is well! I drink about a gallon of water a day. It is good for ya.

captain corky said...

Thoughts, prayers, fingers crossed, horse shoe hung, lucky clover clovering, rubbing rabits foot. You get the point. ;)

Lady K said...

bp ~ still happy dancing!

honkeie ~ welcome! Water is good stuff, especially if it's tonic water mixed with vodka & lime. ;-)

cork ~ thanks! Seems to be working so far...

limpy99 said...

Good for you.

And by the way, your internal organs are really hot.