Friday, May 18, 2007


I keep going to, typing "elf" into the search bar, and laughing my ASS off.

I SO need stuff like that right now. It's therapeutic. I'm addicted. I live with the threat of getting busted for using at work. Thank GOD it's not illegal or I'd probably be blogging from prison.



I have a really fond memory of going camping with my family and the family next door when I was about 5, and the next door neighbor boy and I (for the LIFE of me I can't remember his name...and we played "doctor!" DAMMIT!) were sitting on the picnic table just going "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck FUCK!) Our moms were MORTIFIED. They came over and smacked our asses and told us what a bad word it was.

FUCK, my ass hurt.

God BLESS Will Ferrell.. FUCK! GOD I love that word. "The Landlord" is hilarious, and the outtakes are even better. BONUS, people are making a SERIES out of it on this site.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!
Treble Smiling Clover


captain corky said...

Fuck is great word! Have a good weekend K. Do plan on playing doctor this weekend?

Lady K said...

cork ~ I just MIGHT play doctor this weekend. FUCK!

Big Pissy said...

If you DO play doctor, you'd better fucking tell us all about it! ;-)

Lady K said...

pissy ~ you better fucking believe I will!