Friday, March 30, 2007

Fuel Pump Blues

Oh yes, my peeps, looks like the fuel pump in my car is shot. KA-CHING!

When I talked to the shop manager yesterday he said they hadn't been able to "get to it," but said he got in and from the way it was acting it was either the fuel filter or the pump, but more than likely it's the pump.

Happy Friday to me.

As if I don't have enough shit going on with trying to pack to move, dealing with pain management and stressing about the surgery, now this. I'm looking at the bright side, though, at least "the guys" have been cool and have been giving me rides to/from work so I don't have to brave the weirdos on the bus every day. I've never had to do that in my life, although people watching might be a nice distraction from everything else.

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend. Packing and cleaning are my two middle names right now. WOOT!
Treble Happy


limpy99 said...

I feel your pain. We just had to replace the struts on the wife's car. It's never fun paying for major repairs.

Jerry said...

awww Lady K...yeah one of those "when it rains it pours" kind of deals...well best of luck with the move and yeah...I wouldn't wish city bus riding on anyone.

have a nice weekend...if possible.

captain corky said...

Have a great weekend. Cleaning can be a great distraction. Sometimes I like to mix a little Vodka with my cleaning and then it becomes a great distraction. I plan on doing a little cleaning tomorrow. ;)

Big Pissy said...

Damn! I hate car repairs! Cars should just never break down!

Try to have a good weekend anyway. ;-)