Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Want One!!!

So I get on the computer, and Yahoo tells me that they've gotten some new red panda cubs at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia... I LOVE pandas, but never knew there were RED ones!
Are these little guys cute or WHAT?? TWINS, no less!!! If I had the means to do it and the guts to fly over water (let alone FLY), I'd be on a plane out there in a heartbeat. I've always wanted to visit there. Anyway, turns out these cuties are endangered! How could something this cute be endangered? From what I understand, there are only about 2,500 in the WORLD, in the Asian Himalaya area. I saw that poaching and the destruction of their natural homes is what's happening. POACHING? Why would you want to kill this cute little creature? What?? Are they good eatin'? Do their pelts make nice coats or stoles or something?
I'm not a total tree-hugging environmentalist type, but SAVE THE RED PANDAS!
Hey, guys, I HAD to do SOMETHING to take my mind off all the shit going on around me while I waited for the chicken to cook so I could take two bites and get back to freaking out.
Brotherman looked at my car today and looks like either the fuel filter and/or fuel pump will have to be replaced. Oh NO, it couldn't be something as simple as the alternator. If it's the pump, it's gonna cost a pretty penny.
Hmmm...what are red pandas going for these days, I wonder?
Thank God it's almost the weekend and I can get back to the perpetual packing. YAY.
Treble Panda


captain corky said...

Those Red Panda's wood make nice slippers. Just kidding K.

I fucking hate moving too. I might be moving in a couple of weeks myself and I'm thinking about hiring people to do it for me, but I'm not sure about any of it yet.

Have a good day Lady K.

limpy99 said...

They've got 'em at the Bronx Zoo. Apparently they're actually more closely related to raccoons than Pandas.

HitManJ said...

I'll help you move....