Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Showers

I finally got my car back Friday, and it runs better than ever; starts RIGHT UP!!!

Yep, it poured, to the tune of almost $700. OUCH. I should have taken pictures of THAT. Turns out, the fuel pump was going out for a couple of weeks. I just didn't know the whistling noise was one of the symptoms. Guess the fact that the rrr-rrr-rrr before it finally started should have been an indication too, huh? What do I know? I'm just a dumb blonde. haha. Hey, I guess the nice rack makes up for it, right? I did manage to learn something about my engine. Although I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty, there's no WAY I could have changed that shit myself. OH! And the "low coolant light?" The coolant is full, it's just a sensor. I KNEW that, and dude tells me it's gonna cost $126 to fix. It's like a $6 part, but it's a "pain in the ass" to get at it. Um...I'll just live with the light on. Pa-leez. They really bend you over with labor. At least KISS me first!

Today marked 3 years since Joe's suicide, and that's been weighing on me BIG TIME, moreso now because I'm going through a lot of stuff that's been "sitting" since then, and this week is Arizona Bike Week and we were big time bikers. I miss riding a LOT. Deep breaths and busywork are saving grace.

All the distractions are really helping this year, including some much overdue time with my parents. We started watching "Happy Feet" after dinner, but I fell asleep about 1/4 into it, waking up to the rolling credits. DOH! No worries, I'm gonna need something to watch while I'm laid up next month, right?

Hope everyone has a happy Monday. Just knowing that my car will start when I get out there in the morning will be a GREAT beginning.

Treble Biker Babemiss ya, JAG! R.I.P!!

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Pud said...

Good to hear this are going okay with you.

I've stopped by to say goodbye as I am going on a blogging hiatus.