Monday, February 19, 2007

Cold & Rainy

...and LOVING IT! Today started out sunny, but turned blustery and cold (yes, anything under 50 here is considered COLD), and then it rained off an on all day. ANY rain we get down here is more than welcome, and hopefully the desert flora and fauna will flourish. I'm hoping to get out and take some nice pictures once it starts warming up. Cactus flowers are quite beautiful, and once the weather warms in the mountains, I'll be able to take some cool pics of the wildlife up there! Not to mention get in some FISHING!

Heroes kicked my ass yet again, though I was disappointed they didn't further the storyline about Claire's "real" parents. Ugh. These writers have me riveted to the TV every week. RIVETED like a nice pair of LEVI'S! ha

It's all good; Mondays at work always suck and Heroes is a GREAT distraction, especially when I can do some Chinese with the brotherman in the evening. No cooking for Lady K! Woot!

I didn't get to hide in the lab much today, but Tuesday I may get to play with more pinpads. I REALLY enjoy time away from the usual job-costing and accounting stuff, although if I had to do benchwork every day, all day, I'd probably get bored senseless. I DO love the variety that my job can offer, and all that I'm learning on the "technical" side may just get me somewhere. That, and I can get away from the "i-pod singer" up front. (OH, the comments I'm getting from the guys about that shit are hilarious.) They were even commenting to me on all the skin she was showing today. How "professional" of her. "LOOK AT ME!!!" ... Christ baking bread. Whatever.

I made a bunch of calls to some apartments over the weekend, sent some emails, and even left a message for the property manager here to see what they could do for me. The one chick I talked to said, "You're not MOVING, ARE YOU?" Ummmm...HELLO! And they made HER assistant manager? Yeah, now ya'll might get some insight as to WHY I want to leave here.

Happy Tuesday. May I have most of the day to hide in the lab from the "sarah mcdepression" kind of music and the incessent Beatles. And if not, pray that I don't have to ask her to turn her fucking music down every hour. People hate it that I put my headphones on to escape, adapt, and overcome. It's only pain...

Treble Music


Junebugg said...

I work off midnights this morning and the weather man has promised sunshine and temps in the 60s {{{YEAH}}}
I'm sure the housing Gods will smile upon you soon. Maybe you should light a candle or say a prayer or something

captain corky said...

It's going to be close to 50 degrees today. Three days ago it was in the teens. Crazy shit.

I didn't get a chance to watch Heroes yet, maybe in a couple of hours. Check out the pics I posted on the Log today. I think you'll enjoy them. Have a good day K.

limpy99 said...

We're in a warming trend and might see 40 today. Woo-fucking-hoo.

If I had to listen to The Beatles all day someone would be having to have surgery to remove an Ipod from their ass.

Lady K said...

june ~ I'll stop on my way home for the candles...

cork ~ saw the pics, I LOVE 'EM! I won't say another word about Heroes till you watch, either.

limpy ~ LMFAO! I don't know WHAT the shit is today but it's on my last nerve. I'm hiding in the lab the rest of the day.