Sunday, January 25, 2009

Still Kickin'!!!

Went to the doc (actually, 2), and bloodwork is GREAT, liver enzymes and kidney functions are back to normal!!! FINALLY! The only thing that's all wonky is my potassium (HUGE horsepills, even when you cut them in half they stick in your throat) and my Vitamin b-12 is low, so I have to get shots for a few weeks, then the vampires can have at me again. I'm drinking lots of milk, eating GOOD food, i.e. balanced diet, fiber, (sneaking Crunchberries here and there) and have gained about 3 pounds that seem to be staying. That B-12 shot, though...I was climbing the WALLS that day, and now I sleep like a baby at night, and seem to have more energy during the day. We'll see what the next blood tests say. I was kinda bad over the weekend, smoking...

On to oncology...mammo looked okay, but she wanted to take more pics of the lymph nodes on my right side. Most action I've gotten in a LONG time, ha ha! The ultrasound was actually more painful than the mammogram, but since then, those nodes have shrunken, and she said we could just keep an eye on them rather than have one or both taken out for analysis, if that's cool.

HEY...the more I can avoid another surgery, the better, right?

I knew there was a light in the tunnel I've been through!!!

Happy Monday, kiddos!


Saints and Spinners said...

Happy Wednesday! (Almost Thursday.) I'm glad you're still hanging in there.

Callie said...

Hope you're doing okay - just remember to post updates when you get results back from your tests, okay?