Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yoga is COOL

So....Everything is NORMAL!!! I'm down to 109-112, still can't gain anything, but things are cool. All my bloodwork is coming back good, except low b12 and potassium. MORE BANANAS! (No offense, Bradley, but I am pretty much banana-ed out) The b12 shots don't hurt at all, it's just when they push it that's a little uncomfortable. HEY, I got no meat on these bones and I hate needles! I am doing everything I can to eat right and read up on foods that are high in b12. MILK is a good food! LOL

I got up early this morning to look for jobs (yes, I am STILL looking ~ ugh), then I was flipping channels on the TV and came across this lady that was doing yoga, so I said, "what the hell, let's try this."

Yoga is cool. I feel energized, organized, and I even cooked myself breakfast instead of eating my usual bowl of Total. I think I might just set my alarm and do this every day!

Hope everyone is having a great week.

tap tap this thing on?

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