Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How Lady Got Her Voice Back

No, LIMPY, it's not how you'd THINK. ;-)

Lots of rest, screening calls, and only talking when I NEEDED to talk, and lots of warm liquids.

Again, Limpy, it's not how you'd like to THINK. LOL

I've still been working on more songs on my guitar. I've acquired a temporary 12-string accoustic and a classical 6-string to work with, too. My fingers feel like they're gonna bleed any second, but my voice has been in my head for awhile, so maybe it's time to trade one for the other. Hey, your fingers don't bleed when you're fingerpainting and humming quietly to yourself, right?

Yeah...it's probably time for the padded room. I'm going nuts without a job, some kind of structured environment. I applied for a pretty good one today, so we'll see how that goes. With gas prices being so high, it would be detrimental for me to do the "commute" again. Especially in this heat. Not that I'm making excuses, it's just ridiculous these days.

HOWEVER! The clouds are starting to roll in for monsoon! These are small, but they keep coming every afternoon:

I'm still waiting for those huge rollers to come in, but for now, these are good for a little shade once in awhile. Tomorrow is only supposed to be about 107. BRR! I think I'll break out my sweater!

Have a great Hump Day!
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Big Pissy said...

good luck with the job!

and those pictures are just gorgeous! :)

limpy99 said...

You should see how I thought you got those blisters on your fingers.;)

Callie said...

Hope the fires in your area aren't as bad as the ones in ours. Can't even go outside! Blech.

Stay inside, and stay cool. Hope you have luck in the job search!

Lady K said...


limpy ~ eh, you found me out, didn't you? My quim is feeling it, although thankfully there are no blisters THERE. You are one sick fuck. Keep it UP! LOL

cal ~ do I need to send you a gas mask? I heard about that shit over there, and my heart goes out to you all. This heat really sucks this year.

captain corky said...

Only 107? Shit, you won't even need to run the air. Just turn on a fan. ;)

Lady K said...

cork ~ yeah, I WISH! Ugh.