Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Okay, Here's the Dealio

Sorry, kids, I just didn't feel up to writing last night. I had a lot of information to digest. Pun TOTALLY intended, ha ha.

It's definitally a fistula. Going from my colon to my vaginal wall. It gets worse by the day, and the colorectal doc/surgeon wants to get it taken care of as soon as possible. SO, he sent me for yet another CT scan today to make sure there was no abcess, because my abdomen is so tender. The GOOD side of it is,(besides the fact that I've lost almost 50 pounds ~ NOT embellishing, that number IS 50), because it IS a fistula, I didn't have to drink the thick nasty barium, but some solution that tasted a LOT like lemonade. I wasn't allowed to drink or eat anything before, so being thirsty when I got there made that stuff go down like WATER. YEAH.

Well, the last cup was a doozy, but I'll take that over 1/2 gallon of "vanilla" barium in a 45-minute span any day. They said they wanted to do another enima, but I refused. Come ON. Three plus a colonoscopy in a couple of months is enough, don't ya think?

I went to work after that. I was exhausted, but muddled. Ya know.

When I got home, I got a message to call the scheduler-gal at the colon doc, which means they probably have a date for everything. This is a FOUR HOUR surgery. (A FOUR hour tour...) How can I EVEN expect people to wait this long? They should just go see a movie or something. Come ON! Sudoku and crosswords and books can ONLY hold your attention for so long. Let alone the perpetual CNN shit they have on those horrible TV monitors in the waiting room. Thank GOD I'll be unconcious. HA! When I was waiting for all my tests, I pulled chairs up to step up to those TV's and changed 'dem damn channels. AW, HEAYALL YEAH.

This is about to get pretty REAL, y'all... LOL Everybody Poops, and hopefully I won't be doing it out of two places for much longer. I'm too young for this shit. LOL, I said SHIT.

YEAH. I'm scared. I'll keep you guys posted. YES, I still have SOME faith left. The docs are being really cool, the nurses sympathetic, and most importantly, my family and friends are cooler and more supportive than I could ever hope for. Thanks, peeps, for the good vibes. I mean it. Keep 'em coming. Big love. BIG.



Jerrster said...

yes darlin'

keep me informed



Pud said...

I have never heard of a fitula. But good is that they can correct it.

Good luck sweety!

Lady K said...

jerr ~ you know it!

pud ~ fiStula. wik it. you'll be fascinated, if not appalled. I may just have them save it so I can make some earrings or something.

Lady K said...

jerr ~ p.s... I'm on pain meds now if you're ever up for a late nite conversation, ha ha.

Lady K said...

okay, one more comment, just because I like to see the numbers go up. I got nothing to lose at this point, right?

Callie said...

Hey sweetie!

When is the surgery? Let us know ASAP.

I'm sending you all my get well vibes as I type this.