Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's a DATE!

Oh. My. GAWD! I can't believe he asked me out. The colorectal surgeon wants me to meet him at the hospital in three weeks! I can't believe it and I'm so excited I'm beside myself! What SHALL I wear?
and then I woke up. I wish they were able to schedule sooner, but hey, at this point I'll take what I can get, right? As long as they get this situation fixed! I never thought I'd say this, but I'm REALLY sick of pain meds. I want to feel NORMAL again. Anyway, surgery is scheduled for 1/31. I have to check in at 6am (yay) and do a different sort of "colon blow" the night before. GROOVY! I'm gonna live it up a little bit this weekend and then just mellow out. I've got just an EKG and bloodwork to go, then it's just a waiting game. I'm expected to be IN the hospital for a whole week this time, and recovery is just like before, 4-6 weeks. Oh, happy day.
This truly does suck ass. (HA! Another pun!)
Hey, how about instead of giving y'all a shot of my skinnier ass for HNT, I give you a really cool pic of the sunrise I took with my new camera this morning while walking the dog? Yeah? Okay. This was at about 6:45am, looking eastward...GAWJUSS! And COLD! The temp was only 39!
I am SO retarded when it comes to this thing. I'm so used to the cameraphone and its simplicity. Everything happens for a reason, right? I'll have plenty of time to figure out this software pretty soon. Oh, that and play with my pottery wheel. Yeah. THOSE should be some funny pictures.
Happy Thursday, peeps. Let the good times roll while they can!
Treble Photographer Thumbs Up


TheBirdman33 said...

Cute joke. But I saw you had a date and threw my computer out a window. Now I feel silly that it was just a lead in to what is going on HA HA

You owe me a computer. I will settle for a lap dance.

Lady K said...

birdman ~ as soon as I am back on my feet, you GOT it. Well, the lapdance...I can't afford the computer. hee hee!

Callie said...

You're telling me now that you think the camera phone is easy? How long did you have to mess with it to get it to work, hmmmmm???

I'm sure you'll figure this one out just fine. If it were me, I'd have given up the day after I bought it. Actually, I would have told hubby to figure it out, and made him do all the legwork. I'm so lazy.

Sorry your operation isn't sooner. I'll definately send out the well wishes on the 31st!

(Oh, and I'll start posting again soon - just taking care of a few things first.)

captain corky said...

Great news! Once you're feeling better you know where you can send all those unused pain meds. ;)

Pud said...

Digital cameras can be sooo much fun. Hope you enjoy it.

Congrats on getting another surgery out of the way.

Pink said...

good luck! hope you feel better soon!