Sunday, November 4, 2007

All OVER the Place

OKAY...Who the FUCK calls people starting at 11:30pm and continues every TENfuckingminutes? This happened to me Friday night. I was pissed OFF. I don't care if it IS Friday night...unless someone is dying or a DEAR close friend needs bail, come ON!!! Even then, "hello!" ya got my cell number!!!

This munchwad waited for me to answer, then just fucking SAT there. THEN, said wad had the audacity to call BACK and rummage the phone around to let me know they were there. What in the sam hill??? If you're gonna "drunk dial" me, at least be funny enough to identify yourself and say that's what you're doing. I've done it, own up!

What a PUSSY.

Other than that, this weekend was GREAT! I spent Saturday morning making tamales with a friend from work... That's not even HALF of them! I think I found my new calling when I retire. I'd rather cook than greet people at Target, ha ha.

Brotherman brought over Guitar Hero II. I'm addicted, and hope to get the Guitar Hero III package for Christmas.

Hell, right now, I'd be happy to get ANY package...ha.

I made some of the best corn chowdah I've ever had in my life (if I don't say so myself), and some Swiss steak that was off the charts. Sorry, kids, I ate too fast to take pics. LOL

Happy Monday! (I know, ick...)


captain corky said...

Holy shit! Were you guys planning on feeding an army? Looks good though.

I'm sure Birdman will apologize for the drunk dialing sooner or later. ;)

limpy99 said...

Swiss steak has to be my least favorite meal. But those tamales look damn good.

Lady K said...

cork ~ might as well be an army, huh? I think we could have circled the globe if we lined them all up in a row.

LOL I KNEW that was him... ;)

limpy ~ Swiss steak is one of my alltime favorite comfort foods. The tamales ARE good. Jealous? :P

Anonymous said...

Hell, right now, I'd be happy to get ANY package...ha.

This sounds like a job for the BIRDMAN!!!

Lady K said...

birdman ~ I KNOW you could get the job done...LOL LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

Are you ready for that though? I wouldn't want to hurt you!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

I just had dinner, but looking at the tamales makes me hungry again. Wicked, wicked Lady K!:)

Lady K said...

birdman ~ NO worries over here...

alkelda ~ HOLY COW. I have a good mind to purchase some dry ice and send you some of these things. They are AWESOME!!!