Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

This year, I got a wild hair and broke out my clown stuff. I'm not going full-blown, because it takes FOREVER to do the full face makeup the way they taught us in clown school (plus a lot of my makeup is old, and hey, a girl's gotta take care of her girly skin, right?), but I still have the outfit and the wig, and I just feel like being a goob for a day. I REALLY hope none of my techs aren't clown-a-phobes. God help them if they are. This is gonna be fun. I'll do my best to get people to take dorky pictures to post.

PLUS I want to dress up to hand out all the candy I got for potential trick-or-treaters. I'm hoping I get a LOT, because I have a LOT of candy. If not, my techs are gonna be REALLY happy on Thursday.

Happy Halloween. BE SAFE!

Treble Vampire Haunted House Spinning 3D Jack-o-Lantern Mummy


captain corky said...

Happy Halloween K! Any chances we get to see you in your costume? ;)

Lady K said...

cork ~ you GOT it, buddy!!! I'll make sure the cameraphone is on standby... Happy Halloween to you, too!!!

Callie said...

Happy Halloween!

I dressed as Velma from Scooby Doo today. Naturally, I'm the only one here dressed up. But I don't care! I love Halloween!

limpy99 said...

A couple of Halloweens ago, we took a bunch of friends to a haunted house. One of them made the mistake of telling us she was afraid of clowns. We told every clown in a three-town radius to follow her for the rest of the night.

Later on she moved to Texas.

Lady K said...

callie ~ good for YOU! I'm the only one dressed up today, too. I don't care, either, I just love it. I'm trying to get someone to take pics for me.

limpy ~ my kid brother is horribly afraid of clowns, too. I have a really good mind to just show up at his door after work today.

Anonymous said...

I hope you got pics for me!

Did you get a lot of Trick Or Treaters at the new place?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN my little candy kiss.

Cap'n H said...


Come right in me privvy wench
I'm waiting in me room
And whil I've got you on me lap
You'll help me hoist me boom!
Yo ho, Yo yo, a pervert's life for meeeeeeee!

Jerrster said...

nothing scarier than a clown....nothing!

Junebugg said...

Happy Hauntings to you too!