Tuesday, October 23, 2007

OH the Bad Day

While I wasn't a COMPLETE bitch to everyone, I was in a FOUL mood all damn day, and this just describes it. I KNOW there's someone out there who knows exactly where I'm coming from. Bad dreams, lousy neighbors, not enough sleep, 5-year-old adults on the job, the WORKS.

I LOVE this song. I LOVED Dragonball Z while it was on, and when I found this video I laughed my fool head off and HAD to share. I didn't get how anything was synchronized, but still had to giggle. Is it sad that it was the highlight of my day?

I used to play my guitar after showering off the restaurant smells when I cooked at JB's the last time I got tired of working in an office. I'd just sit and play and sing while my "boyfriend" at the time sat around the table playing some sort of role-playing card game with his buddies. I loved it, they loved the food I brought home, and they always asked me to play more. Good times.

The day I had today made me want to just do the short-order cook thing again. Either that or just say "fuck it" and do outside gardening for the winter.

At least I wouldn't need a green card, right?

Happy Hump Day, citizens!

Treble Mowing The Lawn

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