Friday, September 14, 2007

I've Got News...

I'm officially OFF all of next week due to some complications. I FEEL fine, I'm just having some unexpected problems because of the surgery, and work has "asked" me to take all of next week off until I can see my regular doc, who's been on vacation most of the time I've been out.

Financially, this is devastating, because I'm not getting paid for any of this time off. (Good thing I like Top Ramen, huh? ha) My ego has taken a major blow, too, because they've basically told me that I'm still not up to my usual 150% and don't want me back there until I can give it. I'm not being "fired," but it sure as fuck sounded like it to me.

Anyway, I guess this gives me more time to work on my tan and mess around with YOU GUYS!

Have a great weekend! Brotherman brought over some steaks!



Pink said...

well that sucks...are you permanent, part-time or a temp?

I don't think they can fire you for this unless you're a 'temp' and goes with temping :(

been there.

hang tough girlie.

Lady K said...

pink ~ permanent. I love my job. I really hope they don't wanna fire me.

Callie said...

They cannot fire you. Period. You cannot be fired for this. If they try - sue them. You'll win. Trust me.