Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More Good News...and other things

Doc's office called me today. I'm officially hemochromatosis FREE (look the shit up~ it's frightening, but not contagious), meaning my iron level is NORMAL and my liver is probably nothing to worry about.

He still wants me to re-take all the tests in two weeks, but I'm not worried. THIS means that if the NEW tests come back normal, I can reschedule the ripitouttame. I've only been waiting in pain for the better part of a YEAR, thank you very much. SHEESH.

One of my best friends is leaving for Jamaica, MON, for her cousin's wedding. I'm jealous as HELL. A week on the beach down there with a big ol' fattie, an umbrella drink, and snorkeling with an underwater camera (not to mention a hot snorkle guide) would be just the thing for me right now. Hell, a DAY at ANY beach like that would be therapeutic. Maybe I'll just drive to the nearest waterslide park this weekend and pretend. Waterslides are like roller-coasters to me...I get those "giggly" butterflies and laugh my ass off all the way down.

Speaking of roller coasters, b/f is back on his. Honestly, I am really getting tired of his "A certain thought process comes to mind" speak when things don't go "his" way. Shut the fuck UP, I GET it. If you HATE it, DON'T DO IT and fucking FIND something you CAN deal with, job-wise. JESUS. Flip fucking BURGERS for all I care. MAKE YOURSELF FUCKING HAPPY for Christ on a stairstepper. Shit man, FUCK! DEEAALL with life for once. Quit being such a SPOILED BRAT and SUCK IT UP, dammit! Don't be a PUSSY!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, he's got me rethinking the whole "us" thing, too...we've been on-again/off-again, anyway. More off than on. I got better things to do than worry about whether someone is gonna fuckin' kill themselves.

And that's all I gotta say about that.

Pop's heart is now too slow, so they've got him off most of the meds. He's sluggish, dizzy, and has to wait for HIS doc to check test results. I am really worried.

Happy hump day!


Jerrster said...

your health is the big news and it's good news...that is the shining tip of the iceberg...everything else is underwater...not forgotten but not so serious really.


we still need that drink.

captain corky said...

I'm glad things are good with you health wise. Sorry to hear about your dad. Hang in there K.

Lady K said...

jerr ~ heh heh...you said "shining tip." LMAO And yes, I AM all smiles over this news.

Name the time & place and I'm there!

cork ~ Pops ain't going anywhere. At least he BETTER not. The docs just need to find the right dosages for his meds. From what I understand, it's trial and error with this kind of shit. This is me, hanging...

Lady K said...

LOL I said "cork ~ pops." This is what you guys are gonna get for me waking up before my alarm goes off ~~ goofball mode. Too bad it'll be wasted on work.

Big Pissy said...

great news about your health. You deserve some....after all the crap you've been through! :)

Sorry to hear about your dad....hope things go well for him.


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Molly said...

on and off again is never fun.

I'm glad to say that I've been OFF with my 5 year on/off shitty relationship for going on 9 months now, and I ain't never going back!

I still can't figure out why I did so many time before...I wish I could say it was the great sex, but that was even shitty! Ha!