Sunday, May 6, 2007

Photo Radar is BULLSHIT!

Okay...So I found out via mail on Wednesday that my driver's license has been suspended.


Last JUNE (yes, LAST June, almost a YEAR ago), I got a photo-radar ticket, given to me by a process-server who knocked on my door at 7 in the morning. SEVEN A.M. ~ NOBODY knocks on your door at 7am unless something is terribly wrong. (Last time someone did that, it was my neighbors three years ago telling me they chased a peeping tom away from my bedroom window.) Okay, whatever, I paid the $189 ticket for the "red light violation." Meanwhile, this peeping tom is probably still at large. Go after THAT FUCK instead of someone who just happened to be on the wrong side of the line at a yellow light. Jeez-o-pete.

So I PAID THE TICKET, but apparently I owed money to the city for the process server. $95!!! Nobody informed me of this charge, or I would have tried to fight it. SUPPOSEDLY they mailed me the alleged "bill" for this. Huh. FUNNY how they HAVE MY FUCKING ADDRESS TO SEND THE ASSPACKER OVER HERE TO GIVE ME THE TICKET but they can't seem to get me the invoice to PAY THE FUCKING PROCESS SERVER CHARGE. What a racket. So now I gotta go down to the court to pay the $95 (or talk to the judge and get him to waive it, ha ha), AND, I have to physically go to the DMV to pay a reinstatement fee PLUS something they call an "age appropriate" application fee. What the fuck is THAT shit? "Age appropriate?" What? Do they give you a discount if you're over a certain age, like the "early bird specials" at restaurants? Talk about discrimination. Asses.

Anyway, Thursday and Friday I drove illegally to work and back, all the while making sure I was obeying ALL traffic laws and just being generally paranoid.

Monday, I get to waste 1/2 day's vacation going to get bloodwork and get all this legal bullshit taken care of. B/F has the day off and agreed to chauffeur me all over the place to get me legal again. OH, the joy.

At this point, I'll feel lucky if I don't die on the table next week.

Hope you're all having a good weekend!
Treble Road Rage


Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Lady K, I think you're dealing with enough rubbish to last you the rest of your life. This has got to be it. I'm saying prayers, doing dances, whatever it takes!

Lady K said...

alkelda ~ thank you, thank you, thank you !!! LOVING the new profile pic!

Big Pissy said...

I'd say I don't know what could happen to you next, but that would be a lie....b/c the CRAZIEST shit happens to you!!!

Santa Maria Madre de Dios!

Callie said...

What a load of crap!

I agree with alkelda - enough of the b/s already - you have enough on your plate to deal with.


limpy99 said...

If you mention the upcoming surgery to the judge you could well get the fee waived. I somehow doubt you're a hardened criminal and that this is just the latest blight on your record.

captain corky said...

I got arrested twice for unpaid parking tickets that became warrants for my arrest. The worst part is that one time my car got impounded and cost me over 300 bucks to get out. It sucked ass. The second time I got arrested the cop "did it by the book" and took my shoelaces. Typical worthless suburban cops with nothing better to do with their time.