Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Black Hole!

I got NOTHING! I had a whole post ready about how I learned how to use a pallet jack and pulled a 400 lb. pallet into the building on my own and almost took out a wall in the process (the whole scene was quite comical and I'm paying for it today physically). I even had a comment. My computer decided to freeze up, so everything has been thrown into the great "ones and zeroes" abyss...

I had FOOD pictures I wanted to add this morning, dammit! I had a rant, I had some REALLY cool weather update pictures...believe me, it was all I could do NOT to get out my shotgun and shoot this stupid thing.
Big Pissy, I can really relate to where you were coming from the other day. DAMN IT I hate it when that shit happens.

I did manage to save a few weather pics from yesterday. It POURED, off and on, ALL DAY, and was cold again. VERY rare here., but STILL loving it!
Sorry about the food was just tacos, but the shells were broken so it looked like glorified nachos. I plan on having it again tonight, so hopefully the pics will work out.
Fucking computers.
Happy HNT!
Treble Computer Smash


captain corky said...

Blogger was acting like a little bitch this morning, but I think the worst of it is over. At least for today. Have a great day Lady K.

limpy99 said...

Seems like a good thing I really wasn;t around much yesterday; Blogger's getting a bad rap.

Somehow I have a hard time seeing you move 400 lbs. of anything. I demand proof!

Big Pissy said...

I was in DNA hell this morning so didn't know about the blogger problem.

Guess that's a good thing! ;-)

love the pictures!