Thursday, January 11, 2007


Yesterday marked two years for me at this job. First thing yesterday morning, my boss came up to wish me happy anniversary. VERY cool. I'm still happy, and still going strong, although there are still some kinks to be worked out. I was SO pissed this afternoon that I HAD to get out of the building at lunchtime, even though I brought food. Just to get some air ~~ I ended up coming home, crying a little, and playing with my dog.

For ten minutes.

It did me a WORLD of good. I won't get into the heartburn I got from eating at my desk when I got back, but really. I felt better just getting the hell out of there for awhile. I might just do the "walkabout" at lunchtime again. The sun and the air (if ya don't count the snowbird pollution, which isn't really bad right now) this time of year are REALLY wonderful. Yeah, I know you all think I'm high or something, but winter in AZ is nothing short of AMAZING. 50-60 is a little chilly, but hey. I'll take THAT over 120 ANY day. More on that in another post, I guess, with more cool pics. ha.

Anyway, when I got back and got thru maybe 1/3 of my Lean Cuisine, my boss's BOSS came to tell me "happy anniversary." I felt warm and fuzzy, and all was right with the world, for the most part. Like I said, there are kinks that need to be worked out, but I felt appreciated and even got a really nice gift - dinner "on the house." I've been craving seafood OUT for a long time, so...hmm...oh yeah, those wheels are a-turnin!

Onward. Nonny, you're gonna kick me outta the hammock for this one, but I am LOVING BETA now. And WTF ~ you busy or just ignoring my silly waffle-ass?

I digress about the BETA. I resisted. I got pissed off with that whole "green template" thing today and not knowing how to change it, but I didn't take the time to really get acquainted. WOW. Let me tells REALLY makes life a lot easier on you, once you embrace the changes. NO more messing around with all that HTML shit, although I REALLY enjoyed learning a new "language" and will probably start fucking with my template when the wild hair takes effect. (And you ALL know it WILL ~ that's just my style...ha ha!) Seriously. It took me longer to write/edit this post than it did to set up the new template.

Now if you guys will excuse me, I'm going to eat some tamales with green sauce and cheese and TRY to shut my brain off...

Treble Mariachi Band


Hedy De Vine said...

i love tamales and all, but that looks kinda eww.

Lady K said...

hedy, ya know, I thought the same thing when I POSTED that picture. No matter WHICH angle I shot, the stuff just looked HORRIBLE. TRUST me on this, it was amazingly delicious! I thought about deleting the pic, but fuck it. It stays. No matter HOW much it looks like barf. LOL

captain corky said...

I like the new look!

One of these days i'm going to suprise you by coming over for dinner. You're always cooking something I want to sink my teeth into.

What? You're not going to miss having to republish your blog every 5 minutes? lol.

Lady K said...

Cork ~ THANKS! I'm likin' it, too. You're sweet. You didn't think that looked gross? Trust me, it was AWESOME, and the leftovers for lunch are gonna be even better.

WHAT?! Nobody told me I'd have to republish every 5 minutes! LOL

Steven Novak said...

I'm gonna agree with Hedy...that...ummm...that doesn't look so hot. ;)


Nonny said...


I'm not ignoring you, I just couldn't find you (kidding). I have a horrible chest cold, work is nothing short of hellacious and I have the winter blahs. I'm seriously gonna try and email you back today, but I can't make any promises. Missing you.

limpy99 said...

We used to get the "Dear (your name here)" congratulations letters for our anniversarys, but they finally stopped that. I kind of miss the insincerity myself.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Even though I switched to Beta, I've resisted that upgrade to drag and drop template-making. Maybe I should do a sample template to see if I like it.

May you find your true teal.

Lady K said...

steve ~ the pics didn't really do it justice, but the promise of something "not so sickening-looking" is there. Really.

nonny ~ I knew that, and I'm still getting the residual cough. I'm SO ready to figure out how to quit this smoking thang. I want to SING again, dammit! We'll be in touch soon, I'm sure.

akelda ~ it took me awhile to get used to the template thing, but now that I'm "almost" there, it's REALLY cool. I almost feel lazy because I don't have to write any HTML stuff myself.

Thanks, too, I REALLY want to find my true teal. I have hope, I know it's out there, somewhere...

Lady K said...

okay, yeah...looking back at this it's pretty gross looking.

I SWEAR, though, it tasted AWESOME, although not as awesome as the ones my co-worker makes.

Molly said...

It looks pretty cheesy and delicious to me actually, but I never ever turn down a tamale!

I go home from work at lunch sometimes, but it is hard for me to leave!

I do believe it getting out every day...I can't stay and eat lunch. I leave...even if I just walk around.