Thursday, February 26, 2009

Okay, okay, okay!

I HAVE been very negligent in posting. (Thanks, Alkelda, and yes, I'm back, even if it's not every day...ha ha)

The B12 shots seem to be working, I feel good! No, I feel GREAT! I'm all "Tony the Tiger" great! I just hate climbing the walls after I get one of these things. I swear the cops would think I'm on meth or something for the next 3 days.

Whatever. I sure as hell am not gonna wait over an HOUR just to get a friggin' B12 shot and put up with the unruly mexichildren, only to be called back, have my vitals taken, escorted to the "secondary" waiting room because doc didn't have an exam room available, wait another 20 minutes,then called back to the exam room and wait ANOTHER 15 minutes for the doc to come in, that's for sure. ALL just to get a fucking SHOT for crying out loud. ONE SHOT!!! Should be in/out, bing/bang, stick, bandaid, there ya go, see ya. Dang. I wouldn't care if they just came into the waiting room and stuck me in there! It's not like I had to pull my pants down or something. I know, I know, all that insurance privacy stuff. I WORKED for an insurance company, I know all about that shit. Like these people are gonna know me in the next 5 minutes? My doc walked in when I was getting my vitals taken and I said, "hey doc! just here for my b-12!" And now he wants to see me in 2 weeks to get bloodwork done? NOT.

My hematologist said you can't O.D. on B12, but this dude today says you could have problems if ya get too much of it. I'd believe a specialist over an MD any given day, sorry.

I read enough about my "condition," I eat my bananas (sorry, Bradley, again, but ugh, there are other ways to get potassium), I eat lots of spinach, strawberries, cottage cheese, bacon, chicken, and beans/legumes. I get my protein. AND I've made it a point to drink at LEAST 2 glasses of milk a day. I've gained 4 pounds! What the february do these people want? The state is paying for my stuff and the docs know it, and I'm not gonna let them milk the system. JEEZ. It just wouldn't be fair. There are more important illegal immigrant pregnant mothers who can't control their mexikids in the waiting rooms.

Not to mention, every time I get one of these B12 shots I climb the walls and practically up on the ceiling like a spider on crystal meth or something. NOT cool, because I can't sleep for two or three days. I'm thisclose to just running up to the corner to get some sleeping pills, which I know won't be good for my liver. Lord KNOWS I don't need another week in the hospital or worse.

Okay, I've vented, and, better, I've pretty much told y'all....

I FEEL GOOD! (Yes, insert James Brown song here.)

Have a great weekend, peeps, and I will keep ya posted on the jobfront. I really am considering going back to school for xray or ultrasound. Any ideas?

Treble Roll


Big Pissy said...

I'm glad you're feeling so good! LOL

captain corky said...

My father went back to school to become an X-Ray tech and it worked out pretty good for him. Glad you're feeling better and I'm glad that you're blogging again.