Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hello, It's Me

I've thought about this for a long, long time. Maybe I think too much but something's wrong...

Oh, gotta love the Todd.

New year, new day, new me! 2008 sucked ASS for me, but 2009 is MINE. MINE, I tell you, MINE!!!!!

I have been remiss in my posting, this is clear. I got a job for a day, was on my feet, and went home with my ankles three times their size, couldn't bend my knees (I couldn't even SEE my kneecaps), and felt exhausted. The doc told me to just keep my feet up. A couple weeks later, I was in the hospital with severe edema and my stomach so distended it looked like I was about 11 months pregnant. They drained about a gallon and a half of fluid from my abdomen (NOT a fun procedure, although they were really gentle), poked and prodded me, took what felt like a gallon's worth of blood, and stuck me in a bed for a week.

I went through a CT, MRI, ultrasounds, numerous blood tests for lesions they found on my liver. Thank GOD there was no cancer, as far as they can tell, and my kidneys look and are functioning normally. I'm still scared as hell, and have to keep going to follow-up appointments with oncologists/hematologists, GI's, new PCP's, you name it.

I was as honest with these people as I've ever been. Now they're saying that "drinking" might not be the cause of the damage to my liver. They can't figure out why I can't gain any weight, even though I eat just about everything in sight. I sure hope that doesn't come back to bite me in the ass, or any other region of my bod, although truth to tell, I really wish this whole weight loss thing didn't affect my boobs. Then again, more than a mouthful's a waste, right? ha.

Holidays were great, had family in town. LOVE them, but it's nice to get things back to normal again, ya know?

Hope everyone is happy, healthy, and has a GREAT 2009. BTW, for those who read this, I talked to Hitman J tonite, and he told me to tell all "hello!" He's doing really well. Really adapting to that PA accent, that's for sure.

Till next time, peeps!


Saints and Spinners said...

Good to have you back, Lady K! We've missed you. I'm sorry you've had all those health issues.

Lady K said...

Saint: EH, health issues have just become a part of life. One day at a time...