Monday, August 25, 2008

Gonna Get HIT!!!

I was just outside walking the dog and took THESE pics. We are SO gonna GET IT!
YAY! After such a dry spell, and having the weirdest flu I've had in a long time, I WAS gonna take a nap, but now I think I'll just wait for the rain...
Hope everyone is having a good Monday.
Treble Rainy


Big Pissy said...

Wow! Those pictures are incredible! :)

Pud said...

I read about that. Don't they call them "The Desert Monsoon"

Liz said...


It's me, Nonny!

I know it says Liz, but I'm unable to access old account-forgot password and I keep getting an "invalid email" message also.

Weird that you've been thinking about me, I've been thinking about you guys too.

I can't believe it's been a year since I posted anything, it's been almost that long since I've even looked at my site. Obviously, old site is dead-don't go there. I said don't go there!

Work is exceptionally busy, but I did want to check in. Glad to see the old gang sticking together :)

Lady K said...

BP ~ I KNOW! I took some more today, will get them posted asap.

pud ~ yeah, it is "monsoon season" here! We thought it was over, but to our surprise we are getting an encore!

nonny (i mean liz) ~ I was JUST talking about you today, isn't that weird? I hope all is well up there. I really have missed you. Ya don't cawl, ya don't write, WTF? Did you decide to just BUY the 7-11 so you didn't have to give them hush money for what you were doing in the back alley? LOL Welcome BACK!

Bostick said...

I love rain, it makes me wet.

Lady K said...

bo ~ LOL yeah, it makes me wet all OVER.

Fridaysweb said...

call me ya skanky-footed desert rat!

Callie said...

Hope you're doing okay - I finally returned after about a month off.


limpy99 said...

Did Nonny kidnap you and drag you into the ether when she showed up to post here?

Junebugg said...

Hello! Haven't been around in ages but I'm backkkkkkkk

Lady K said...

fri - can do, but only on free weekend minutes. Call me frugal or whatnot. Crawfish head sucker. ;)

cal - I'm good. GOOD. Thanks for the hugs!

limp ~ was that ether she used? DANG, I thought someone gave me a roofie or something. Last thing I knew, my pants were off and I was at some bus station in Philly, asking someone for a cheesesteak.