Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh, Yes, the Floyd

First off: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all you fathers out there! Hope you all get new...uh...something from Craftsman or some homemade gadgets or something cool, like this! ;-)
And now...

Oh, HEYLL YEAH, BOYEEEE!!! The Floyd is ON like ... Well, Floyd!
Pink, that is.
Floyd, ya know.
(Yeah, I should be institutionalized for finding that one)

By the way, which one's Pink?
Day after Father's Day, every year, for the last 15+ years, it's Pink Floyd, baby, ALL DAY. Moms goes to work (or whatever she decides to do), and we just hang out blasting the music all fucking day. It's AWESOME!

Daddio didn't know if he was gonna be able to do it this year, but I got the call, and it is ON, YO. The videos, the cd's, the books, the fun, the Dark Side/Wiz of Oz, the junk food, just the hangin' with Pops. I was really bummed when he said he might not do it this year, but MAN am I SO HAPPY or WHAT? I am STOKED like a summer BONFIRE!!! Who gives a donkey kong if I don't have a job on Monday, I get to hang with Pops and JAM to some great music. I know, I'm such a daddy's girl. ;)

Have a great week, y'all.

Treble Pink Floyd


Big Pissy said...

cool! y'all have fun! :)

limpy99 said...

I have a friend who said he'd buy a Madonna album if Pink Floyd put their name on it.

I think he likes them half as much as you do.

Callie said...

That's the coolest thing EVER!

Hope you're having tons of fun.

captain corky said...

The first shirt is awesome. Have a great week.

Lady K said...

BP ~ it was awesome!

limpy ~ yep, my dad owns shit that has NOTHING to do with PF, but owns it because they have soundtracks or some picture in the background of the movie. It's great!

callie ~ THANX! We think so, too. It IS tons of fun.

cork ~ LOL I LOVE that shirt. MUST get me one. YOU have a great week, too!