Friday, February 29, 2008

Holy F**K Me with a Silver Spoon, Batman!!!

A better title would be, "Spa Day, My ASS!!!"

I made the mistake of venturing out to the MALL of all places on a FRIDAY NITE. Well, I didn't really go to to the "MALL" proper. There's a Target superstore or whatever they're calling it these days within 0.5 miles of the mall, but I gotta drive around there to get there. UGH...

It so happens that there is a "Dolce" spa close by the light to the "entrance." Since I've been going through the WRINGER lately, I thought, "ok...maybe it's time I gave myself something special before I go back to work." I'm thinking, facial, massage, and maybe even a pedicure (having my feet pampered is almost as good as sex for me).

I immediately found a parking spot katty/corner to the place. Good sign, right? I walked in and just grabbed a "menu."

Wha-wha-WHAT???? Their CHEAPEST package was upwards of $250. This includes a facial, a 30-minute massage, and a "light lunch."

The package *I* want (which, of course, is pretty much all day) is almost $500. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS for SEVEN FUCKING HOURS? For that much I expect to come out with a fucking recording or movie contract or at LEAST some hot guy following me home to give me a much needed happy ending. Or all of the above. Jesus H. JUGGLER! Hmm... does the "light lunch" mean I get to keep the bottle of Dom and the 24k gold silverware? to Target I went to get my "OH so expensive" Neutragena sesame oil that I've been wanting, and a couple of other CoverGirl items I've been missing lately. UNDER $20.

Monday I'm PRAYING that the doc will give me the OK to take a bath, and then I MIGHT just spring for some cool "home-made" spa stuff or something.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Spring has sprung down here, and hopefully my new seedlings will come up soon so I can take pics. Pics of just plain ol' dirt just don't have the same effect. LOL

Treble Soaking Gardening


Big Pissy said...

Wow! $500 bucks for 7 hours?!?!?

That's crazy!

Hope you get a good report from your doctor. :)

Lady K said...

BP ~ thanks, girl! I know, it IS ridiculous. There are places out there for less, I'm sure. Meanwhile, I'm already visualizing the hot bubble bath...LOL