Friday, November 23, 2007

The Elf Inside

Okay, I'm a SUCKER for Christmas movies. I LOVE "Miracle on 34th Street." I LOVE "It's a Wonderful Life." I even love the claymation "Rudolph" and the whole "Burgermeistermeisterburger" shit. Snowmizer and Heatmizer are my favorites, and I loved that Hermie followed his dentistry dreams and made friends with that dreaded abominable snowman. LOVE IT! OWN IT ALL!

I'm a child at heart, and it wouldn't be Christmas Season without it. But I gotta tell ya, as an adult, nothing beats "Bad Santa," or "ELF." Not to mention "A Christmas Story," which was filmed in my "hometown." It's no corn/potato-town, but Cleveland ain't a far cry from there.

Anyway, I FINALLY watched "Elf" tonight, and laughed my fool head off! I wasn't even high, and couldn't stop laughing at the movie because I saw this video beforehand:

Okay, I tried to embed it, but it's worth hitting on the link. Call me juvenile, but I can't help but crack up every time I see it. I crack up even MORE seeing "Bad Santa."

"Are you off your fucking MEDS or somethin'?"

Yeah, I'm kinda warming up to Christmas...LOL
Treble Rudolph


Callie said...

Elf was cute. I just cannot watch Bad Santa, though. Call me a prude, but I can't stand offending humor. Makes me want to punch someone (usually the actors).


I love all the old cartoons. I'm so glad I have a husband and kids who love to watch them with me.


YOU ARE SOO FUNNY!! I found you via Captain Corky and his comment athon..
your comment cracked me up..although I do have to say, Darvocet's work well!

Have fun in az..I'll be back to read more!
Very very cool!

TheBirdman33 said...

I don't like that you are ignoring The Ref starring Dennis Leary!! It takes place ON Christmas Eve and it is friggin funny as hell. I LOVE ELf and Bad Santa is a very good movie. The soundtrack to Elf is also one of the best christas CDs I have.

I am still waiting patiently to see you in your Elf outfit.