Friday, October 5, 2007

Indian Summer

UGH! The temp has gone back up (albeit still not over 100, but still hot) along with the humidity. It keeps threatening to rain. There was a FORTY percent chance yesterday, but we got NOTHIN.' All the cells circled right around us. The clouds were pretty cool, but because I've been lazy and my camera's memory was full, I couldn't get any cool shots. I'll post some older cool ones this weekend. There are some doozies.

This weekend has the promise of REST. For some reason I've been getting stabbing pains in my abdomen, sometimes so bad they wake me up. I even had to leave early one day this week, which is NEVER a good thing. Time is money. The doc still hasn't called me back, so I think I'm just going to call my GP and see what HE has to say. I'm sure it's just the diverticulitis flaring up. I have been eating a lot of popcorn, not knowing that I should have been avoiding it. Who KNEW?

This morning is cooler and windy, and they're calling for a LOT more wind later today. Come ON! Where are the cool mountain clouds that come down here every year?

Hope everyone has a good weekend! I'm planning on poolside, since the pools don't feel so much like bath water these days. That, and I'm OFFICIALLY SINGLE again!!!!! I'll rant about that horrific, psycho bullshit when I have more time.
Treble P.S. Congrats to the Cleveland Indians! Like I said, I don't follow baseball, but I'm from there and have always been loyal. I'm not really a "bandwagon" sort of person.


Cap'n H said...

Props to the Tribe for making it 2 in a row o'er the hated Yanks.

There was a POUNDING t-storm over the central & west side last night, but it did not dampen the enthusiasm of the sports fans. The Coyotes actually might be interesting this year, but are gonna have nights where their youth and relative inexperience will catch up with them.

Big Pissy said...


Single again?!?!?

Tell us about that! ;-)

Lady K said...

h ~ LIKE I SAID (if you had REALLY been listening), I don't follow baseball. As far as I know the Yankees aren't HATED, I'm just loyal to Chief Wahoo.

BP ~ OOOH, girl, we gotta DISH! But obviously the walls have ears. Let's just say I got sick of feeling like I was less than who I really am...

Cap'n H said...

It's always fun to hate the Yanks. It's an American cultural tradition to enjoy seeing the big bad boy fall & cheer for the underdog.