Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sweet Serenity

It rained mid-day here today. It actually cooled off and rained for about 1/2 hour. Go figure. I know that March either comes in like a lion/lamb and goes out like one or the other, and April showers bring May flowers. Right. This is Arizona.

Okay...MAY 1? Our weather has become quite wonky lately. Rains when it's not supposed to, gets hot early then cools off to sweater weather. So far, this is not your typical Arizona "spring." Then it got hot again, and just humid enough to be annoying and bring out all the "BIG bugs." (Bees the size of hummingbirds, people, and they sound as such ~ frightening.)

I was on the phone a little bit ago, checking in on the 'rents to see how they were feeling. Pops is good but needs to follow up with the doc, and moms has pneumonia but is feeling much better. They're keeping her home for the week. I'm still on antibiotics for another week, but the cough is dwindling and productive. Yeah, yeah, I know...gross.

(BTW, Happy "NOT having surgery today-day" to me! ha ha) Work kinda bites. I SO hate training people. Me time just isn't there, ya know? Not to mention ms. no initiative. I'm BEGGING my boss to find something so she quits running all over the office distracting everyone. 'Nuff said.

Anyway, while I was on the phone, the sky was turning a pink/purple/orange color, but no wind, so I figured nothing would become of it. Out of the corner of my eye through the living room window I caught a flash. When I looked out, this BEAUTIFUL, THICK purple/pink lightening streak came out of NOWHERE to the south. I heard a helicopter overhead, probably a news crew taking pics of this phenomenal looking lightening that kept streaking across the sky and down. I can't remember ever seeing something so breathtaking, so I got off the phone (uh, probably a good idea during a lightening storm) and dragged my chair out close to the golf course so I could watch the show. Then the wind kicked up, the temperature went down about 25 degrees, and it was amazing just to sit there and watch. Try as I might, I couldn't get any pics of this lightening with my cool cell-cam, but I'll try to find some local stuff online. It really WAS like something out of a picturebook.

Right now the wind is still going, it's actually still lightening and thundering, and it's "chilly" outside (hey, for desert folk, 75 is pretty cool), and it's begun to POUR out there. I'm going to enjoy it while the getting's good. I just had to share something COOL for a change. How 'bout it!?

OH ~ Was Heroes INTENSE or WHAT? I'm SO thankful I got to catch this episode online. I kept falling alseep!

Happy Hump Day, kids!

Treble Thunder


Callie said...

Heroes WAS fantastic, wasn't it? Love that show. The reveal toward the end about Nathan was like . . . WHOA!!!! So cool.

It's raining here today, too. Not one of those light spring showers, either. I mean, I know we need it, and all, but still. It's MAY for crying out loud.

Lady K said...

callie ~ yes, it WAS!!! I might just have to watch it again!

YAY! That means WE'RE probably gonna get more rain soon. As long as it keeps the temp down, I'm digging on it.

Jerrster said...

Arizona is like a planet all it's own....strange place.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Hey, Lady K.

I just got back from an emotional visit from the doctor's office. I'm doing some dramatic things to combat this weight gain I've had since I got pregnant. Aiee. There's no gluten in coffee, is there?!

captain corky said...

Heroes was pretty cool. My DVR cut off the last couple of minutes, but thanks to Youtube it wasn't that big a deal. Enjoy the cool weather while you can.

Big Pissy said...

HEROES was great~as usual! I agree with callie about the reveal...WHOA!!

You DO have some bizarre weather out there, don'cha'? ;-)

Lady K said...

alkelda ~ wha wha WHAT??? You're pregnant? I must have missed something while I was out sick. I didn't get that memo. My dog ate it. Uh...my car wouldn't start. Um...traffic was backed up for miles.

cork ~ yeah man, I've watched it 3 times already on NBC.com. I LOVE that site, only because I can catch stuff I missed because of falling asleep or the dog being jealous of the program.

BP ~ it was inSANE! I'm on the edge of my seat for next week. And yes, the weather down here is realy whacked this year. Jerry's right ~ it does seem to be its own planet.

Lady K said...

jerr ~ see previous comment to BP. Didn't mean to leave ya out, buddy!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...


No, I didn't get pregnant again. I mean the pregnancy weight I gained when I got pregnant with Lucia.



Alkelda the Gleeful said...

P.S. I actually say "aiee" out loud. It's one of those things that's wedged itself into my vocabulary.

I'm. Not. Pregnant.