Monday, March 12, 2007


Mondays suck. Period. Pun TOTALLY intended.

Cramps suck. These and one more set ought to seal the deal, as surgery is scheduled for May 1. This is all pending approval from the insurance company, but hey, last time I was with them they were all for it.
I've got some really cool pics of the sky, some crabcakes I made, and a mug of beer from a growler we took home from dinner at Rock Bottom Sunday night...when I heat up the ribs I brought home, I'll DEFINITELY take pics, they were to DELECTABLE!Vanilla Sky, on the "parkbench" outside at work! (P.S. the same-named movie kicked my ass again over the weekend. Seen it a few times and STILL can't wrap my mind around it.)"Yeah, I want some crabby cakes!" Home-made chipotle mayo, too, yo! YUM!
Sky outside the restaurant Sunday. Sunsets this time of year are REALLY sweet.

And, finally, what could be better than a "Raptor Red" beer and "good times" after a sweet dinner like that? OH YEAH! Mickey Mouse brings it all home. This is my favorite mug!

I must admit, I was a little hungover, but having dinner all paid for by the company in appreciation for my hard work was worth dealing with a little discomfort the next day.

Happy Tuesday, kids!
Treble Raptor


Pud said...

For a sucky Monday it looks like you had good weather and good eats.

Callie said...

MMMMMMM. I love red beer. Those crab cakes look fantastic.

I'm hungry now.

limpy99 said...

Nothing wrong with beer, crabcakes and ribs. Except that I'm not eating it!

Fridaysweb said...

Homer comes to mind, with this post. No, not THAT Homer, but the one of Simpson lineage:
"mmmm, beeeeeer"