Monday, February 26, 2007


I took the rest of the day off after my appointment. I had every intention of going into the office but damn...and ouch. And damn, again. Thanks to Akelda, I have a GREAT new heating pad option. Rice in a sock, nuked for 2 minutes. WHITE rice, not brown. (Thanks, Girl!)

New doc is wonderful, and remembered delivering my nieces. His bedside manner is nothing short of WAY cool, and he took the time to really explain what's going on inside me (diagrams and EVERYTHING!). PLUS he helped me deal with the emotional bullshit involved with all this. (Limpy, you might as well turn up your Sportscenter now...ha ha!) The exam was painful. I mean PAIN-FULL. Dayam! I won't go into details...

Turns out I'm in for a wicked ride. Dude gave me a bunch of information I wasn't given before, which makes me want to re-think this surgery shit. He's recommending it, given my age, symptoms, and (ahem) daily/weekly/hourly habits. The "C" word was mentioned, which really freaks me out. I'm not about to go out like that, no way, no how. I'd rather have a bungee cord break on my ass or have a parachute tear in mid-air. I'll know about that shit in a couple of days. Talk about scaring me speechless!

Anyway, his regular nurse wasn't in while I was there. She does the scheduling for the slicification, so I'll know more on Tuesday as to what my timeline is.

Timing couldn't be worse as far as work goes, either. We're working on implementing some new dispatch software and I was really looking forward to it. Then again, I'm putting the cart before the horse. We still gotta see what the insurance company says about all this. If they don't approve, I'm on this ride for the next ten or so years, according to doctorman.

Happy Monday, peeps. Happy, happy, joy-joy-joy!!!


Callie said...

Sending good health vibes your way!!! (((HUGS)))

Big Pissy said...

Hope you get a good report!