Thursday, February 8, 2007

All Caught UP!!!

I kicked ass and took names, people, and for SOME reason, someone decided to take up slack, so I am caught UP *well, for the most part*. So FRIDAY I get to spend most of the day in the LAB, working on shit I just learned how to do for the service department, so the guys can stay out in the field doing what they do best and not have to fuck around doing grunt work. THIS kind of grunt work makes me happy. I get to work with screwdrivers, power tools, stickers, and just plain-out feel like I'm "seriously" helping the guys get their jobs done so we don't have to get two guys out to the same store for the same call on the same day...or two different days.

I get to let my tomboy side RULE. It's not a HUGE side, but it NEEDS to come out every now andagain.

Best of all? This gets me OUT of the front office. Y'all KNOW what that means to me. The further away from the front office the BETTER! WOOT! It's a nice change of scenery and gets me handling more than just paperwork. (Minds outta the gutters, guys!)

Bosslady is off, so I'll have to be accessible to emergent situations up front, but that's what the job is all about, right? She KNOWS where I'll be all day. There's an extention back there, and I'll have the ol' cellie on-hand. NO PROBLEMO.

Thus, giving-you-know who room to just fuck off all day with her phone and her "blog" and her "internet shit." WhatEVER, not like it doesn't happen every day anyway, with the text messaging (I swear to GOD if I hear that fucking cell phone vibrate and slap shut one more time...). GOD KNOWS I'm not gonna miss the "slap!" of her smaking that goddamn phone shut every time she text's whomEVER it is. MUST be pretty god damn important to take away from work.

Eh, like I keep saying..."give her enough rope." She'll learn one of these days, after she gets fired for insubordination, non-professionalism and attitude. That day isn't far, I know that much. You guys should SEE some of the shit she wears to work. Makes us all LAUGH. If I'm going out after work, at least I BRING shit to wear for my outings. We were doubling over. If I didn't think I'd get in trouble I'd have snuck a camera pic of these "field pants." JESUS. HELLO? NOT OFFICE ATTIRE. "I'm going HIKING after work." OH! WELL, I 'm going to the GYM after work tomorrow, I think I'll just wear my tank top and gym shorts to work tomorrow...What the FUCK, YO? What KILLS me is they have NO BALLS to say anything to her!!! We've TALKED about it, but NO ONE...NOBODY...EVEN the VP of OPERATIONS has had the god damn BALLS to say anything to this chick.

Anyway...enough about work. How about that Anna Nicole, huh? Who'd've THUNK?

Um...well. I knew it was just a matter of time, with her lifestyle. Yeah, another human being has passed, but come on...we ALL do, whether "celebrity status" or not. Kind of like that book, "Everybody Poops." There should be one titled, "Everybody Dies, No Matter WHO They Are." You are born, you live, you die. DEAL.

I don't mean to sound callous, it's just like..."Okay, this skankass bought the farm." Did I KNOW said skankass??? NO. Was she my mom? Was she my close Aunt? NO. Does this affect my life as I know it? Um..NO. Should I GRIEVE, send FLOWERS or go to the inevitably coming, media-covered HUGE overstated memorial service for her? Again, I'm thinking NO.

Call me a bitch or whatever, but come ON. If I see or hear ONE more story about the shit on the news, radio, or internet, I'm gonna fucking scream.

It's NOT like she was the fucking QUEEN or even DI for Chris' sake.

No WONDER I tune in to rerun after rerun of Friends, King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond to avoid the news.

HENCE, I will be "hiding" in the Lab tomorrow, listening to the commercial free radio station we have piped in.

Have a happy, happy Friday, kiddos! I am HOPING mine will be...
Treble Scientist


captain corky said...

When I start my company I'm going to do my best to persuade you to come work for me. I figure if I have 10 people like you I'll have no trouble becoming a multi millionaire by the time I'm 40. I'll offer you stock options and just to keep you happy I'll let you play with power tools for one hour a day. Have a great Friday K!

Pud said...

I can't believe none of your boss' say anything to her. Seeing her look and act that way is a reflection on them. I once stopped going to a doctor that I really liked because her receptionist was the biggest bitch. Yeah, I held the doctor accountable for that because the doctor hired the bitch!

I'm with you, I'm not grieving over Anna Nicole Smith. I guess she just took one too many TrimmSpas.

Cap'n H said...

No grief here, but some analysis, courtesy of my inner Grisson, who has his money on intentional overdose. Yep Vicki Lynn Marshall offed herself. Here's why.

TriSpa filed a lawsuit against her a few days ago, the latest dramatic event in a roller-coaster 2006-2007 period in which she lost the only person in the world who did not seek to manipulate or exploit her when her son died. Take a good look at Howard K Stern. Everyone between him and the millions that ANS stood to get from her deceased husband's estate has ended up dead in the past year, beginning with the millionaire's son, followed by ANS's son, and now ANS herself. God save the baby girl. IF Stern is prooven to be the father by the DNA testing, then he's just won the lottery, and would indeed be "all caught up" in his dirty work.

Lady K said...

cork ~ make it TWO hours a day and I'm THERE...

pud ~ EXACTLY the reason I stopped going to my OBGYN. Their staff apparently "lost" all the messages I left for him to call me back, then I get a letter with a copy of a blogpost I wrote about him saying "I can see you're upset, but you could have called me..." WHAT?

LMAO Yeah, TrimSpa must really work...they just lost 240 pounds...OH! Bad joke I stole from a guy on the radio.

cappie ~ again with the conspiracy theory? And, again I say, "HOW does this affect my life?"

limpy99 said...

I saw a headline today that Anna Nicole wanted "to be just like Marilyn"

Well, now they're both dead.

Big Pissy said...

Wait a minute!

Your obgyn found your blog?!? And then sent you a letter about it?

How unprofessional of him!

Hope you had a good day away from that lazy bitch you work with. :)

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Um... how did your OBGYN track down your blog? Why would he do that? I am so confused. I know that addresses can be easily tracked, but why, if your OBGYN wasn't named, would he be able to find your blog?

Anonymous said...

Well you are CLEARLY distraught about Anna Nicole Smith. If you need a hug, let me know.

Sorry I've been MIA. I missed you though =)
Did I miss anything good?

Anonymous said...

Ron and Fez did some of the funniest radio I've ever heard the day after Anna Nicole Smith died. Sheer brilliance.

captain corky said...

Where is you? Hope all is ok.