Monday, January 22, 2007

You Have GOT to be KIDDING...

Headache: Still there.

Work: Still there, but promised I would go in this weekend so we could get caught up.


I got up SUNDAY, no doubt, EARLY, with every intention of going into work. I was ON MY GAME (well, for the most part). I even baked some brownies to drop off for the b/f on my way in, being the sweet pea that I am. yeah, yeah.

Went out, got in the car, and click click. click click.

NOOOO..... !

Called brotherman, who was quite uh...well, let's just say he was not happy about the whole "early" dealio. Turns out my battery was deeeeeeeead! I'm clueless to a lot of car stuff, so I would have had NO idea. Hell, I'm like, "WTF? I just replaced that thing two years ago!" Brotherman's laughter could be heard all through the land.

Got a new battery. Brotherman was not happy about the looks of my air filter, so doot-do-doot, back up to the auto parts store we go, and IT gets replaced.

I went back home, warmed up, then determinedly got back out, and am on my merry way to the office...and...


Dude runs a red light while I'm making a left hand turn and rams my car. We exchanged information, but he conveniently switched papers so I ended up with my own phone number.


Luckily, the damage isn't more than a dent by the right tire. But MAN I'm pissed off.

Hopefully this week will go better than last.
Treble Road Rage


limpy99 said...

No, no, no, no. It's not just a dent. It's "signifcant front-end damage". And those migraines? They didn't start until "right after the accident." Right about the same time that your "intermittent severe back neck and back pain" started, along with your right knee getting dislocated when it "struck the dasboard with great force and violence".

I'm still trying to link your ovaries to this accident, but that may take more time.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

You are so overdue for a run of good luck.

Fridaysweb said...

Ah man. That totally sucks! You should definately call the police and give a description of the guy and his car. You never know what'll happen. Oh, and I'm with Limpy. Well, you could at least demand he buy you ANOTHER new battery and air filter since he DID hit the front end and may have damaged them...and your brother's labor time CAN'T be cheap... hehe

p.s. thanks for the migraine, beyotch! You gave it to me.

Hedy De Vine said...

that's some serious bad luck. i agree with fridaysweb and think you should call the cops on that mofo. and don't forget to mention you thought you smelled alcohol on his breath.

Big Pissy said...

Please listen to limpy!

He's a lawyer.

You can trust him. ;-) there a dark cloud following you around or something?!?

TheBirdman33 said...

Awww I'm so sorry to hear that. So asshole got totally away? YOu dont have a license plate number or anything?

I hope you feel better!