Monday, January 1, 2007

The Warehouse Princess and the Pallet Jack

Once Upon a Time, it rained and got very cold, cold, "jacket/sweater/cold" on the desert and a double carriage rolled down the road...I won the powerball, the man of my dreams showed up and...


The deceptionist is playing on the internet and writing emails to the VP of OPS and text messaging on her fucking cell phone, and the fucker KEEPS DEFENDING THE BITCH...



He says he has SIX pallets to unload.

FUCKING SHIT and BLOODY HELL. And Okay, Let me just diddley deal and figure out what I need to do. Breathe, and adapt and overcome. Breathe. It's only pain, T. YOU CAN DO IT.

"Okay," I say, no big deal, let me just go get the pallet jack. Mind you, I've NEVER used one of these things in my life. It's not motorized, so I had to try to maneuver this thing like a 5-year-old trying to ride a two-wheeler with no training wheels or anyone running behind them for the first time. I ran into so much shit! It was quite comical, and I was by myself! I laughed my fool head off.

I finally got the thing into the back lot, and the driver started bringing these pallets to the back of the air-lift on his truck.

"OH HOLY SHIT. Let me get some of the guys, okay?"

So I ran into the back office and got some of the guys, telling them I really didn't know how to use the pallet jack. "OH COME ON," they said. And they giggled. Being the independent, strong, tomboy that I can be, I wasn't about to let them think all I was good for was to get in the kitchen and make them a pie. I wanted to learn. I might not be the strongest "man" in the WWF, but god dammit, I can at least HELP OUT.

Long story short, these pallets were upwards of over 400 lb. a pop. I watched how to operate the MANUAL pallet jack. While I couldn't pump the pallet off the ground to save my life, I DID, however, manage to PULL one of those fuckers from the back lot into the warehouse by myself. The guys were laughing so hard they were snorting, and at one point, not knowing how to STEER the damn thing, I almost took out a wall. That made them laugh even harder, saying something about "woman drivers" and shit like that. Dicks. They could have told me. Fuckers.

I kicked ass, and I took names of those who laughed and thought I couldn't do it. No pie for THOSE dickweeds. I was Warehouse Princess today, dammit.

If we get a forklift, does that get me "Queen" status? LOL

I don't CARE how sore I'll be in the morning, it got me as far away from the front office as I could GET, and that's okay with me.

OH! Forgot sky pics...THIS happened RIGHT AFTER we got all the pallets indoors. PLUS a pic of one of the pallets I hiked into the building, 3 times as wide as me, and twice as tall..

Damn, it just occurred to me that I should have taken a picture of this thing in the back lot with the pallet jack on it. It really was HUGE.

Oh well, you guys get it, right?

I'll be sleeping on the living room floor with my knees on pillows tonight. ha ha.

Happy HNT and all that happy stuff. Anyone got some muscle relaxers? LOL

Treble Construction Worker


Junebugg said...

OK, who's reflection is that in the plastic?

I know what ya mean about the pallet jacks. We get pallets stacked with 100# bags of chemicals and all our pallet jacks are manual. Fun, aren't they and the guys get a kick out of watch a female do that kinda stuff.

Lady K said...

junie ~ LMAO I was HOPING no one would ask's ME, in all my work/sweatshirt/jeans/dirty glory.

LMAO the guys laughed their dorkass heads off watching me "taking care of business." Fuckers.

Lady K said...

P.S. I HAVE got got got to give kudos to ONE man for giving ME kudos for jumping in. Can't NAME him, but GOT to THANK him, cos' he KNOWS I'm cut from the same cloth, and that means more to me than anyone will ever know...